Time for ConnectedFlight?

Black Thursday for air lines? Last Thursday, MH-17, yes Malaysia Airline again, was shot down. This Thursday, AH-5017, Algeria Airline, crashed in Mali.

These incidents happened only 4 month after the disappearing of MH-370, for which no one has a clue yet.

Only after MH-370 did people realize that modern air plane is not so modern after all. Inter-continental air plane cruise above oceans are more like ballistic rocket than guided missile.

Actually not all air lines are that primitive. I’ve tried the WIFI service on Emrite’s A380, it’s rather decent. So technically this shouldn’t be a issue. For tracking the position of the air plane, something 16kbps should be enough for each plane. Let’s say at any time there are 50,000 air planes on the sky, we need a 800Mbps satellite link – hmm, shouldn’t be so difficult to get. If I remember correctly, one satellite can typically provide 1Gbps.

With this “ConnectedFlight”, at least I’ll know the position if a air plane disappears. Should I register this trade mark now? 🙂